Who We Are?

ReWise is a young but experienced energetic smart high-end business partner, capable of identifying the current needs and evolutions of the market with a general vision of future trends. ReWise intends to provide the client with more than general market information. We intend to provide accurate, relevant, specific, timely and actionable information that will enable our clients to make more accurate decisions. We understand that our target markets do not need “just” information, but information that will enable them to make more informed decisions. We don't just intend to provide a service, but to provide one of unparalleled nature relative to the market.

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Who We Are?

Steps of Market Research Process

  • Step 1

    Identification and Defining
    the Problem or Opportunity

  • Step 2

    Statement of
    Research Objective

  • Step 3

    Determining the
    Research Design

  • Step 4

    Research Instruments

  • Step 5

    Collecting Data

  • Step 6

    Processing and
    Analyzing Data

  • Step 7

    Visualizing the Results

  • Step 8

    Put Research
    Into Action

Quote of the Week

ReWise gives voice to thousands of people around the country every day.

News & Articles

Vije School Live Instagram with ReWise
2021/01/09 News
Vije School Live Instagram with ReWise

Vahid Yari from Vije School had a live interview with Soodeh Habibi and Mehrdad Sadri, who are co-founders of ReWise, about Market Research.

ReWise News on the net
2020/10/06 News
ReWise News on the net

The news about ReWise article being published on the Research World, the most reliable research media in the world, has attracted several local media in the country.

ReWise Article @ Research World
2020/10/03 News
ReWise Article @ Research World

ReWise article about " Iran in COVID-19 - The Banking industry transformation" has been published in Research World!

What Your Brand is Missing by Skipping Market Research at Phygital Marketplaces
2020/09/01 Articles
What Your Brand is Missing by Skipping Market Research at Phygital Marketplaces

Using Phygital to connect the online and offline worlds will allow you to create closer, more efficient, and human customer experiences.

Business Trends for Retailers
2020/07/25 Articles
Business Trends for Retailers

Business Trends for Retailers Addressing the Tight Labor Market Low unemployment will continue to cause scarcity of qualified talent in many markets. At the same time, rising minimum wages in our ...

The Road to 5G
2020/06/05 Articles
The Road to 5G

We believe the industry needs to focus between now and 2020 on seeking consensus on approaches to concurrent LTE-Advanced development and 5G radio interface research – in particular demonstrating ho...

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