ReWise Application Process

ReWise Application Process

Submission of application
-In case of an advertised position, send us an email containing your application. Please also include a cover letter together with your resume.
-If there is not an open position at the moment but you are still interested to become a member of ReWise team, please use our online application form. ReWise team will review your resume, and will decide on the positions that might be working for you. So whenever such a position opens, we will contact you

Our HR team will review and pre-screen all the CVs we receive and may call you for clarifications. The time we need for this process depends on open vacancies (if any) and the number of applications we receive


Pre-selected candidates will be invited to an interview session. While face-to-face interviews are highly preferred, online or phone interviews might be considered as well. Depending on the position, more than one interview might be scheduled. While the first meeting will be scheduled with HR team, a second interview might be considered with your functional manager and a third one with the CEO – if required. In some cases, tests might be applied during the selection process. This depends on the position we are hiring for.

We will be happy to answer your questions any time during the process, so please feel free to ask them all!

Decision and contract

If both parties agree on all aspects, we will finalize the contract and look forward to have you joining our team soon.


For us, recruiting does not end with the signature. Good 'onboarding' is important to us and from Day 1 at ReWise, we will be there to support you!